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1) The puppy you are purchasing is in good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale, the buyer has 3 business days to get said puppy to his/her vet no exceptions, if purchaser does not then this whole contract is null and void and there will be no guarantee on said puppy.

2) NCTOYBREEDS isn't responsible for mites, parasites, fleas, ticks, and worms, bacterial infections, parvo, distemper, kennel cough, gardia, coccidia or any other puppy illnesses, especially sugar drops as they are common in toy breeds.

3) The guarantee is until the puppies 3rd birthday and is for genetic organ failures, such as heart murmurs greater than a 2, heart defects, liver, lungs, etc.

4) We do not ever for any reason refund money, only a puppy in exchange and only if a vet says the puppy for the reasons stated above, we must see vet documentation on vet letterhead with a phone number so we can contact said Vet. Your puppy will have to be given back and another one shall take its place, if another puppy is not available at that time you will get a puppy from next litter due of the same breed-Sex and registry may differ. Also we are not responsible for any vet care bills that have been acquired while puppy was in your care you are responsible for these as a new puppy owner you should know this!

5) We do request that if the puppy needs to be rehomed at anytime you call and let us know, we will take the puppy back, but we do not give any money for returned puppy.

6) We do breed for show quality and puppies for pet homes, some of our puppies may have show quality, but we never guarantee show quality, size or color at maturity or if the puppy will be breedable, because there is no way to tell these factors.

7) In the event that something is wrong with said puppy you have to contact NCTOYBREEDS immediately With all this said, I have read and understand this contract and Agree to every thing that is in this contract, I also agree that the puppy looked active, playful and healthy at time I picked up said puppy, I also agree that I have a choice, I do not have to purchase said puppy after seeing it, and I have not been pressured into purchasing said puppy, but I also understand that if I do not Sign this contract I will not be able to purchase said puppy from NCTOYBREEDS.
This is a binding and legal document and will be used in a court of Law if needed!

Breed:                                                                   Price: $
Sex:                                                                  Deposit: $
Color:                                                                Balance: $
Date of birth:
Age at sale:
Signature of purchaser______________________________________________
Printed name:
Phone numbers:
336-307-5677 cell
Signed by Representative:  _______________________________________
**** Deposits are non-refundable!